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Anything 2 Digital Digital Conversion Service Pricing

Bulk Photo/Slide Digital Conversion

The most economical pricing assumes that the stacks of photos are between the size of 3.5 x 5—8 x 10.  Photos smaller or larger will possibly cost more.  The photos also need to be clean and not sticking together in order to run thru our scanner.

Bulk Photo/Slide Scanning

100 Stacked Photos Front and back 25.00
500 Stacked Photos Front and back 100.00
Multiple Photos on album pages .50/photo
Flatbed Scanning $1/photo
Slide Scanning
  0-200 Slides $1/slide
  200+ Slides .75/slide
Photoshop Services $60/hr
Prints Prints
8 x 10 Print 5.25 each
5 x 7 Print 3.50 each
4 x 6 Print 2.00 each
$20 Min for Photo Services

Film Conversions to Digital Media
Videos are converted in real time and each tape goes on it’s own DVD.  If after you have your videos converted you want to consolidate multiple video onto one DVD, we can do that.  Video editing costs are $60/hr, but one the videos are transferred to DVD, the process of ingesting video into the computer for editing is much simpler.

Broken Film 2.00
Reversed Film 2.00
Duplicate DVD 10.00
Editing (per hr) 60.00

3” Reel/50’ 7.50
4” Reel/100’ 15.00
5” Reel/200’ 30.00
6” Reel/300’ 45.00
7” Reel/400’ 60.00
$50 minimum

Video Tape Conversion to Digital Media
Any video to DVD
2 hr or less 12.50/tape
Additional 2 hr DVD 10.00
Duplicate DVD 10.00
Video Editing $75/hr
$20 Minimum

DVD/CD Duplication

1-10 10.00 each
11-20 7.50 each
21-100 5.00 each
101-200 3.00 each
201-above 2.50 each
The above prices include paper sleeve

Clam Shells .20 each
Folder Case 1.00 each
Folder case w/ color insert 2.50