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VHS to DVD Video Tape Conversion –  Video Tape Conversion

Brent Clap Media Conversion Services

BCMS VHS Tape Conversion Video from Brent Clapp on Vimeo.

VHS to DVD Video Tape Conversion –  Video Tape Conversion

Who doesn’t have a shoebox full of old video tapes? At Anything 2 Digital, you can have those old memories transferred right to DVD or digital, now easily playable on your DVD or BluRay player in the comfort of your modern home. We transfer VHS, VHSC, DV, HDV, 8mm video, Hi8, and D8 and Beta and Umatic Tape.

When we receive your video tape, and each tape goes on its own DVD, as long as it’s less than 2 hrs in length. We have multiple transfer decks running simultaneously to transfer your tapes. Your transfer comes with a label and title printed and pasted onto the DVD for easy access and reference. Distance orders are then boxed and returned to you.